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Virgin Islands Roots is brought to you by the Virgin Islands Social History Associates (VISHA), an educational organization established to research and document the social and cultural history of the Virgin Islands.   VISHA's primary focus is the St. Croix African Roots Project (SCARP), which has produced the "St. Croix Population Database 1734 - 1917" that is available on this website. Data collected and compiled in the database can be used to create life stories for more than 100,000 St. Croix residents and to build thousands of family histories during the period of Danish Rule.

St. Croix Population Database 1734 - 1917


African-American history is a young discipline; restoring the branches of even one black family tree can profoundly change our understanding of the larger story of who the African-
American people really are.  By telling and retelling the stories of our ancestors, we can move that history from our kitchens and parlors into the textbooks, ultimately changing the official narrative of... history itself.

 - Henry Louis Gates, Jr.