Estate Names on St. Croix                    

During the Danish period, St. Croix contained about 250 plantations or estates which were divided into nine quarters.  In the St. Croix Population Database, the spelling of estate names has been standardized in accordance with the most recent names assigned in the Danish land tax records (matriklerne).  For the most part, these names correspond with those found on the official road map of the island, which in turn corresponds closely with P. L. Oxholm’s official cadastral map of 1794.  

Estate naming became common during the 1760s.  However, it was not until 1803 that names began appearing in the land tax records. Prior to that date they appear on inventories, slave list returns, maps, surveys and various official documents.  Some estates had several names before the official standardization of 1803, and these vernacular names continued to appear on inventories, church records and other documents into the middle of the nineteenth century.  Occasionally too, the official name of 1803 changed in the course of the nineteenth century.  In such instances, we have used the 1803 name, followed by the new name.

The following list of St. Croix Estate Names has been compiled from the land tax records and pre-1803 documents.  The name entered first is the name that has been used in the Database.  It is separated by a semicolon from alternative names appearing in the historic records.


C = Company Quarter NSA = Northside Lit. A
EEA = East End Lit. A  NSB = Northside Lit. B
EEB = East End Lit. B P = Prince Quarter
K = King's  Q = Queens Quarter

WE = West End Quarter 


St. Croix Estate Name Quarter Number
Adventure; Pleasant Prospect; Pleasant Hill P 34a, P 35a
Aldershvile C 01d, 02b, 33
All for the Better EEA 19
Altona EEA 05, 01C, 02c
Anguilla K 32, 33a
Annaberg K 28b, 27b, 32c
Annaly; Biddlestone NSA 07, 18, 19
Annas Hope EEA 45b, 46a, 46b
Annas Hope; Nancys Hope C 08, 30a
Baronsberg; Lewisberg EEB 28a
Barren Spot K 21
Becksgrove; Beckerschow WE 28, 27b; P 9a, 9b
Beeston Hill; Bidsted Hill, Bidstone Hill C 06
Bellevue; Johanna Elisabeth C 35
Belvedere (attached to Rattan) Q 14
Belvedere; North Star Farm NSB 22, 23
Betsys Jewel NSB 12
Bettys Hope P 53, 43b, 44b, 45b, 54
Blessing K 30, 31
Bodkins NSA 10a
Body Slob; Slob K 19, 11
Boetzberg; La Retriate EEA 04, 07
Bog of Allen; Allendale, The Bog, Friendship P 10
Bonne Esperance Q 18
Bonne Esperance; Linie, Drie Kloven NSB 07
Bredenbergs (attached to Carlton) WE 18
Brookhill; The Brook WE 29
Buck Island EEB 42
Bugby Hole C 21b
Bugby Hole; Prospect Hill C 20a, 21a
Bulowsminde C 06b, O7a
Burns Hill; Bellair NSA 34
Butlers Bay NSA 23, 12b, 33
Caldwell (attached to Sion Farm) Q 33b
Caledonia NSA 35, 38
Camporico; West End, Prosperity WE 05,0 8b, 10, 11, 24c
Canaan NSB 13
Cane WE 01, P 56a
Cane Bay; Lucky Bottom NSB 21, 25, 27, 28
Cane Garden; Garden Q 45b, 46, 47; C 32b
Cane Valley WE 27a
Caramaw Hall (attached to Anguilla) K 32b
Carinamount; Salmon Hill EEA 24, 23b
Carlton; Annaly WE 02, 15, 16a, 18
Cartys EEB 13b
Cassava Garden Q 49, 39a
Castle Burk; Castle, Castle Bourke P 32, 33a, 34a
Castle Coakley Q 34, 33a, 53
Castle Nugent EEA 41, 26b, 50
Catherines Hope EEB 22, 23
Catherines Hope; Free Hill C 10b
Catherines Rest C 12b, 20b
Clear Mount; Clare Mount (attached to Becks Grove) P 09b
Clearmount; Clairmount, Claremount NSB 03a, 04, 08, 09b
Clifton Hill K 22
Coakley Bay EEB 01, 09; EEA 15, 16b
Coldbrook; Hendrickshaab (attached to Little La Grange) WE 33
Concordia Q 08, 04a, 05a; NSB 02a, 03b, 09a
Concordia WE 20, 9b, 21
Constitution Hill Q 25; C 07
Contentment; Towers C 10c, 01a
Cornhill; Tuites C 18b
Cottage; Limestone, Johnson's Hall Q 32
Cotton Garden & Long Point EEB 31, 32, 33
Cotton Grove; Robins Bay EEA 35, 43a; EEB 04b, 05a
Cotton Valley; The Grove EEB 08a, 7b, 11, 12a, 18-21, 39, 44
Diamond P 38, 39, 43a
Diamond Q 28
Diamond-Keturah; Southside Diamond, The Hope C 31, 30b
Elizas Retreat; Jacobsberg EEA 23a, 02b, 03b, 03c, 25b, 36
Enfield Green P 42, 55, 56b
Envy; Experience P 51a
Fareham, The Grunge EEA 40, 39b, 59
Figtree Hill; Henry Hill Q 40
Fountain; Big Fountain, Leytrim NSA 10b, 11, 17, 22b; P 04b; NSB 17
Fredensborg K 12, 4b, 13a, 13b, 14a, 14b, 17c, 18b
Frederikshaab; Hardung WE 25
Friedensfeld K 09
Friedensthal C 01b
Garton Hill; Garden Hill EEB 12b
Glynn Q 07, 09, 10
Golden Grove P 33b, 34b, 47a, 48a
Golden Ridge NSA 12c
Golden Rock C 04
Good Hope; Salt Peter Pasture WE 13, 12b
Granard C 17, 16b, 18a, 19a, 29, 30a, 32a
Grange C 09, 22a
Grapetree Bay EEB 29b, 29c, 30, 40
Great Pond EEA 37, 38, 47, 51, 56
Green Key; Green Quay EEA 12, 13, 14, 48
Grove Place P 21, 13, 20
Guldsbransdahlen; Coffee Grove NSA 14
Gumbs EEB 07B
Haagensens EEB 07b, 08a
Hafensight C 06c, 07b, 13b, 35b
Hams Bay NSA 32
Hams Bluff NSA 37
Hannahs Rest; Little Plantation WE 06, 07b
Hard Labour P 05
Hartmans EEA 52, 54
Hermitage K 05; P 01
Hermon Hill C 10a, 1d, 11, 25a, 33
Hesselberg; Sans Souci WE 24a
Hodges; The Fancy (attached to Coakley Bay) EEB 09b
Hogensborg WE 17
Hope Q 42, 31b
Hope P 23
Hope; Bon Esperance, Good Hope WE 12a, 03
Hope; Pleasure Hill EEB 17
Hopewell (attached to Coakley Bay) EEA 15
Humbug Q 44a, 45a
Jacks & Isaacs Bay EEB 35, 36
Jealousy P 15, 17
Jerusalem Q 41, 52
Johannes Support; Dams (attached to Cotton Valley) EEB 16a 
Jolly Hill WE 32
Judiths Fancy; Hemmersfyd Q 01; C 34a
La Grande Princesse; La Princesse C 13, 36
La Grange WE 40
La Pres Valois; Ryans EEA 26a
La Reine K 20; Q 19a
La Vallee; Cane Garden Bay NSB 24, 25
Libanon Hill; Lebannon Hill K 01, 02
Lillies Hope (attached to Hermon Hill) C 33
Lime Tree Q 20a, 19b
Little Fountain K 03
Little La Grange WE 30, 33
Little Princess C 05, 13
Little Profit EEB 04c, 5b, 05c
Long Point P 56a
Longford C 26, 19b, 22b, 27, 28
Lower Bethlehem; Bethlehem (combination of Bethlehem Old Works; Bethlehem New Works) K 04a, 14c, 15-16, 17a, 24c, 25-26. 27a. 33b, 34
Lower Love; New Love P 30, 31
Lowry Hill EEA 22
Madame Cartys EEB 14, 15a
Mamme Trees NSA 12b
Mannings Bay; Negro Bay; Isles P 50a, 47c, 48b, 49
Marienhoi; Industry; Eindracht EEA 21
Mars Hill WE 22
Marys Fancy Q 16, 17
Marys Fancy; Yellow Cliff, Fame EEB 19, 20, 21, 39
Mint; Mountain P 26b
Moirs Q 30, 31a
Mon Bijou K 08, 9a
Montpellier; Boston P 07, 12b
Montpellier; Daly Hill, Dahly Hill, Dolby Hill Q 03, 10a
Morning Star Q 09, 04b; NSB 10b
Mountain P 26a
Mt. Eagle NSB 14
Mt. Fancy EEA 43b; EEB 05d
Mt. Misery NSA 15a, 16a
Mt. Pleasant EEA 08b
Mt. Pleasant K 06, 07
Mt. Pleasant NSA 16b, 26a
Mt. Pleasant NSB 11
Mt. Pleasant P 36, 37
Mt. Retreat EEB 06a
Mt. Roepstorff; Mt. Roepstorph EEA 09
Mt. Stewart NSA 08, 09, 10a
Mt. Victory  (former Mt. Misery & Mt. Pleasant combined) NSA 15a, 16b, 26a
Mt. Washington NSA 13b, 24b
Mt. Washington; Mt. Pleasant EEA 33, 34
Mt. Welcome EEA 01A, 02a, 25a
Munster EEA 27
Nannys Pasture; Cuttures EEB 08b
Negro Bay; Coopers, Montpellier P 52
Negro Bay; Fox, Prudence P 46b, 47b, 50b
Nicholas  NSA 25, 34
North Hall; The Contest; North Star NSA 15b, 14a
North Star NSB 19, 20
Northside NSA 37
Orange Grove C 03, 02c
Orange Grove WE 31; P 08
Oxford NSA 05, 06
Paradise; Jones P 45a, 44a, 46a, 51b
Parara; Towers EEA 18a
Parasol NSB 16
Patience Grove; Patience P 35b
Pearl Q 38, 43, 48, 51
Peters Farm C 25a, 01c
Peters Rest Q 35, 36b
Petersminde C 32b
Petronella EEA 30, 39a
Pleasant Prospect P 46a
Pleasant Valley EEB 03
Pleasant Valley; The Terrible Mountain, Mount Fortune; Mount Misery NSA 17b
Plessens, Mole Place P 28, 12a, 29
Powes; Moors EEB 08a, 37
Profit K 23b, 24b, 27c, 28a
Prospect Hill NSA 24
Prospect Hill; Gold Coast EEA 28, 40
Prosperity NSB 18; NSA 22a, 22b
Prosperity WE 36, 34, 35
Punch; Mt. Ferrall, Nugents NSA 04
Rattan Q 15, 10b
Recovery Hill; Petersborg C 24a, 23a
Red Shank Pasture (attached to Camporico) WE 11
Retreat C 16a, 44b
Richmond C 01a, 02a, 02d
River P 14, 02, 03, 04a, 15
Roberts Hill EEA 06
Rose Hill NSA 17a
Ruans Bay; Langs Bay, Bay; Goslings Bay WE 14
Ruby Q 21
Rust op Twist NSB 05, 06
Sallys Fancy (attached to St. Georges) P 22
Sallys Fancy; Rebecca's Wilderness, The Tyral, Menagerie, Beekmans EEA 31
Salt River; Colrain NSB 10a, 02a
Seven Hills; Love Lodge, Seven Sisters; Sheffield EEA 16a
Shannon Grove (attached to Annaberg) K 27b
Shoys; Recora Hope EEA 44, 45a, 58
Sight; Heyliger's Sight, Bamboo EEA 20, 32
Sion Farm Q 24, 26, 27, 33b
Sion Hill Q 22, 23
Slob; Chastity Hall EEB 28b, 29a, 37
Smithfield WE 23, 8C
Solitude (attached to Mt. Pleasant/Colquhoun) NSB 15
Solitude; The Good Intent EEB 02, 08b, 10
Sorgenfri (attached to Hogensborg) P 25
Southgate Farm EEA 10, 11, 50
Spanish Town K 29
Sprat Hall NSA 12a, 13a, 14b
Spring EEA 42a
Spring Garden NSA 27, 26b, 28
Spring Gut; Spring Garden C 23b
Springfield P 11
Springs EEA 42b
St. Georges P 27
St. Georges Hill WE 26
St. Johns Q 02, 11, 12, 50; C 34b
St. Peters EEA 03A
Stony Ground WE 07a, 22b, 24b
Strawberry Hill Q 29, 20b
Sweet Bottom NSA 21
Teague Bay; Tague Bay EEB 26, 27, 41
Testmans EEA 49b
The Springs EEA 42a
The Two Brothers C 23c
The William & John WE 19a
Thomas (attached to Sion Farm) Q 24
Tiparara EEA 18b
Turner Hole EEB 24, 25, 38
Two Brothers WE 37
Two Friends P 06
Two Williams WE 19, 8a
Union; Marienborg EEA 17
Upper Bethlehem; Kingshill; The Kings K 18a, 17b, 23a, 24a
Upper Love; Die Lifede, Old Love P 18, 19
Walberggaard P 24
Water Ground P 40
Wheel of Fortune WE 39, 38
Whim WE 04
Whites Bay; The Red Ground WE 09a
William NSA 01, 02, 03
Williams Delight; Old Pye P 41
Wills Bay NSA 20
Windsor; Windsor Forest Q 06, 05b
Wood Cottage; Fannys Fancy EEB 06b, 13a
Work & Rest Q 37, C 12a, 14, 15
Yellow Cliff EEB 16b, 15b, 13b